More Covers

Had to redo a cover, but still having lotsa fun!

New Book Covers

Here are my two latest book covers, I'm currently working on two others and another Christmas Picture book. Loving it!

New Book Cover

Well, it's been too long. I've been getting back into traditional work lately and have been super duper busy with my new teaching job. If you don't know already, I'm now teaching at Cody High School in Cody, WY. I am now a Wyomingite! Pretty crazy I know, but it's a great place to be. This is my latest book cover! Cedar Fort is yet again the publisher, and they're wonderful to work with. It's a great book, and I'll have the title and all posted as soon as they have things finalized....

Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure

Here's the final book cover, as far as I know. Looks like a bestseller to me!

It's Done!

Well, it is done! And, I am super happy with how it's turned out. I don't know when it'll be published, but I'll post any new findings.

The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter!!!!!

Well, the book is released and you can all buy it. I'm pretty proud of this one. I'm super excited to see how well it does. Can't wait for the next in the series.

There is an event this weekend in my home town of Sandy, UT. Pretty exciting. Check it out!

Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

This is the project I just finished with Cedar Fort. They had me do the text and everything. One of my favorites. And...It's an awesome story, it will be available in March 2011. Could it become a series? That depends on all of you. It was a blast to create.

Escape From Slavery

This image depicts Francis Bok, a Sudanese boy enslaved by the Muslims from the north. Escape from Slavery is the title of this book, and is a true story about a boy's courage and hope as he endured ten years of slavery, finally to escape.

Three Stooges

This drawing was done from reference I got in Yellowstone last year. I was pretty proud of the lineup and now it's become one of my favorite pencil drawings. It's been fun getting into traditional work again.

Feeding the Lambs

I was able to finish this more intimate version, I'm quite happy with it, it's simple, and I think, very effective.

Chopping Wood

The 2nd piece in my farm-life series...There's much more to come!

Feeding the Cows

This was a blast to paint!

On the Farm

This piece will also be submitted to the Society of Illustrators Competition. We'll see what happens!

Put 'em up!!!!

Just getting this image ready for the Society of Illustrators Competition, I'm so happy with how it's turned out!

Be Consistent

Finally, they're done! I'm quite happy with how they've turned out. And, my client, the Friend Magazine, just told me how happy they are with them too! Hopefully I'll be able to get another job from them soon.

Journal Writing

Only one more to go.

Reading Scriptures

Number three. Moving right along.

Child Praying

One more of a five piece series...

Just Thinking

Illustration Project, really happy with this one!

Girl Picking Flower

This is the sample I sent to the author of my "to-be" first children's book. It will be called The Legend of the Kukui Nut... I'm very excited!

John McCain

This was my first Advanced Illustration assignment. I really like how it turned out, I'm having a blast!


Well, here it is. I'm really, really happy with this one. I think it's my best illustration of yet. I made up a story for my class and made a book dummy for it, this is one of the two-page spreads from it.

Me Illustrated

This is a detail from the Illustration I'm currently working on. My always-faithful model shows up again.

Norman Rockwell Study

These are each studies of the same piece. The actual size is around 5"x 7". They took forever, but I learned a lot and they turned out great, I think. Hope you like them!

Here are some portraits I've done, just thought I'd show you all the other side to my art. I love drawing people. It's my favorite subject to draw.

Spirit of Christmas

I actually did this as a gift for my Mission President and his wife. If you know Walter Rane's work, you recognize this from one of his Book of Mormon series, I have to give all the credit to him. But, it turned out well. I love the hands.

Lady Bug

Here's a painting I did from a photo I found online. I really like how it turned out. I love the emboss look to the strokes, making it three-dimensional. It feels like a real oil painting, but completely digital. Pretty cool. I love photoshop.

Midnight Smoothie

This is my fruit assignment. I really enjoyed this one. It was obviously taken from a photograph. What I like the most are the spots in the banana and in the orange.

Frazetta Study

This is a study of a Frank Frazetta painting I did digitally. It took me quite some time because I was trying to reproduce the same texture you find in his piece, once I found it, it was smooth sailing. A lot of fun.

Happy Halloween

This was done as an assignment in commemoration of Halloween. I actually carved this pumpkin last year and had some pictures for reference, even though I didn't use any reference for color. I enjoyed painting it.

Factory Boy

This was taken from an old photograph I found online, done more recently than the last charcoal one I did. It was a fun piece to do, and I'm very happy with it.

Me as a Pirate

This was a digital Illustration assignment we were given a few weeks ago, I had to revise it a little because I had to put it in my portfolio for my BFA Review that was all due today, so I've actually got a lot of images I want to upload now. Anyway, this is me doctored up a bit so I look like a genuine pirate.

Very Sad Dog

I created this image for an assignment in my illustration class earlier this year. It was an editorial piece for an already-published article about using cat and dog fur in apparel. I drew it on paper with a ballpoint pen.

Soldiers Embracing

This is my version of a photograph I found online. The story is of the one sodier comforting his comrad after having lost his best friend. It's quite moving and emotional really, and I think it's one of my strongest pieces. It is done with charcoal on paper.

Self Portrait

I painted this today in Photoshop. It was a lot of fun. I want to add some more interesting texture to it though.